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Family, friends celebrate the lives of Ryan and Beau Rabon during memorial service

The father and son were remembered during a memorial service at Cascade Hills.

COLUMBUS, Ga. - Friends and family gathered on Tuesday to say good bye to Ryan Rabon and his 4-year-old son Beau during a memorial service. Ryan Rabon was baptized at Cascade Hills Church shortly before his death. 

From the moment Ryan and Beau Rabon disappeared into the waters of Bibb Pond, to the search and recovery efforts and ultimately Tuesday's memorial-the father and son duo has etched their way into the hearts and prayers of people across the country. It was clear during the service why they were so beloved. 

Although we know we're scheduled to die from the moment we're born, we're never quite ready for it. But in death, the Rabon men live on through their faith, specifically Ryan, who was baptized shortly before his death and was remembered for going all in once he was saved, which is why the memorial service was more an invitation to come to Christ than an opportunity for last goodbyes'. Beau-with his piercing blue eyes and infectious personality only wanted to make other's smile. He finished his earthly journey beside the man he adored, doing the one thing they both enjoyed together-fishing. 

Beau would ask and Ryan did what he'd always do, say yes to his son and the time they'd share together. Beau was daddy's little boy, but it wasn't always that way. He loved his mother, Allison, just as much. A trait he no doubt picked up from observing his father, who in his final Instagram post left an eternal love note to his wife: "I'm blessed...everyday is a day to get closer to you." 

Job well done. Take your rest, Ryan and Beau. 

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