This is the second year family members have gathered to celebrate the birthday of Ebony Giddens- a young woman who was last seen March of 2018.

The family says a day doesn’t go by that they are not searching for Giddens. They say they’re getting through this with prayer and they are not stopping until they get answers.

For her 29th birthday, family members held a candlelight vigil to raise awareness to her disappearance.

“She ain’t ever hurt nobody, she never did nobody wrong, she always treated people right. She was a good daughter. She never mistreated nobody and I love her so much and I want her back,”Lisa Giddens, Ebony Giddens’ mother said.

Family members say if anyone knows anything about Gidden’s disappearance to please call the Columbus Police Department.

Her family also wanted Giddens to know if she is watching that they love her and happy birthday.