Family of Antonio Evans reacts to New Year’s Day shooting

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Dorothy James is shocked and heartbroken after hearing her brother’s life was taken by her nephew.

“I lost a brother and I was just trying to reunite with my brother since he was locked up for 9 years,” says Dorothy James, Victim’s sister.

Police were called to Hannah Heights apartments on Farr road where they found 51 year old Alfonzo Walker Junior, just hours after midnight on New Year’s Day. He was taken to Piedmont Columbus Regional where he was pronounced dead from a gunshot wound.

“He could have avoided this. The only thing he had to do was walk away, he could have avoided it, “says James.

34 year old Antonio Evans was scheduled to have a hearing in recorders court this morning. Instead, he waived his appearance and pled not guilty. Dorothy says she wasn’t there when the shooting happened so she can’t say why it came to this.

“They were getting along on New Year’s. My brother went to work and my brother came home. Tony left home, he came back and evidentially they must have had some words,” says James.

Though her nephew is held in the Muscogee County jail, Dorothy believes Evans isn’t a troubled child, just has a few anger issues.

“He lost his mom and now his dad, I mean he really needs some help, he needs help,” says James.

For the past few days it’s been hard for the family, wrapping their heads on the tragedy, but in the meantime, Dorothy says all she can do is pray.

“We just got to move forward we just got to be there for each other. We just got to be there for everybody,” says James.

The case was bound over to superior court.

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