Family of late Ralston Towers resident seeks more support from Columbus mayor

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COLUMBUS, GA —  Kevin Hart says now that his uncle Charles Hart is deceased, he can’t help but think about making the Ralston Towers a better place to live. But he would like the support of the mayor.

WRBL News 3 has been reporting on the Ralston Towers for days now. Thursday afternoon, 62-year-old Charles Hart was found dead in his apartment at the complex. The room temperature was close to 100 degrees and the Muscogee County Coroner’s Office confirms Hart’s death is being investigated as “heat-related”.

News 3 confirms some residents have been living without air conditioning in the middle of an intense heat wave in Columbus. Others, including the victim’s family, report being mistreated by management.

Saturday, News 3 learned the reports of mistreatment go a step further. Kevin Hart tells our Reporter Ken Martin he was surprised by a response to his uncle’s death by Columbus Mayor Teresa Tomlinson.

“I actually haven’t talked to her personally I messaged her on Facebook on her page and she sent me a comment because I thought it was a city owned building and she let me know that it wasn’t and the way she told me that it wasn’t came across like it wasn’t a city problem,” Hart says.

The Ralston Towers has until Friday to get all the A-C units fixed and until Monday to at least put in temporary cooling measures, if not the place will be shut down.

Now Hart is concerned that if the building is shut down, those living at the Ralston will have no place to go.

“If it’s not the cities problem, why are they trying to do what they got to do here to make it run better and what happens Monday morning when they shut the door where are these people going to go?” asks Hart. “That’s going to be a city problem.”

Hart says he’s frustrated with they city for allowing the situation to go on for so long.

“Cause they let go this long. I mean I didn’t know it was this bad down here. I wasn’t really really close with my uncle but my aunt Regina I am or I was and the way they treated her yesterday was unreal,” he says.

News 3 reached out to Mayor Teresa Tomlinson for comment and we were told she was unavailable.

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