There’s a lot of talk about the growing movie industry in the state of Georgia, but “Rock-A-Bye” the movie is unique in that it’s local to Harris County.

Franky Reaves is a Harris County native, and in a News Three report from March, we learned Reaves was locally funding the project through the community and looking for a predominately local cast.

Saturday, shooting for the indie film began at several locations across Harris County and Muscogee County.

The volunteer crew hit sites like “The Tavern” in Columbus, as well as Reaves’ father’s home in Harris County to film scenes.

With the majority local cast, an actress from Atlanta says she is excited about where the film will lead.

“Hopefully, this is a film that can definitely go places, and I really do have hope that it will,” says Krystyna Struk.

During day one of filming, that cast hit a bump when it came to needing props.

Marty Davis, a Harris County native and actor in the film, took to Facebook to find a worn out military bag.

He found one and discovered the bag’s owner had connections to another man who is lending a motorcycle to movie’s crew.

The two soldiers served together several years ago.

“They were in the same unit 14 years ago, and now, we are using both of their pieces of history in the movie about a soldier in Columbus, Georgia. It comes full circle,” says Davis.

One of the main characters comes with no acting experience, but Harris County is his home.

“Absolutely zero,” Dwight Burt says through laughter, “Absolutely zero. I have never done anything like this.”

Burt says his friendship with Davis and Reaves encouraged him to be a part of the cast, as well as encouragement from his wife.

“I’ve lived here my whole life, and I think it’s great. We are getting a lot of local businesses and stuff involved, and I’m glad to be a part of it,” says Burt.

The crew may be small and mostly volunteer, but they are dedicated to bringing this film to the big screen.

“It’s good that the dream is finally here, but we have a long way to go to get to the end. So, it’s bittersweet. It’s like we’ve finally started, and ‘Oh, look at all this we gotta do’. So, it’s awesome, actually is what it is,” says Davis.

The movie also features Harris County Sheriff Mike Jolley. Sheriff Jolley will be a playing a judge in a scene that takes place inside the historic Harris County Courthouse.

Davis says they have received enough funding to get started, but they are still looking for funding all the way to end. If you would like to help out the cause, you can find those details here.