COLUMBUS, Ga. (WRBL)— The Columbus Museum on tour has opened up a new exhibit at the W.S. Bradley Museum. Flora and Fauna features drawings from around 30 artists from Columbus as well as other renowned artists from across the nation.

Flora and Fauna portrays humans’ interactions with nature through different mediums. Various forms of mark making media are highlighted such as oil pastels, watercolor, graphite, ink and more. According to The Columbus Museum’s Curator Jonathan Walz, this is a very unique opportunity to view these pieces because works on paper cannot be displayed as often due to light sensitivities.

“This is a show from our permanent collection, and it is a survey of the animal and plant imagery in our drawing collection specifically. So it’s a real range of material, 19th century, 20th century. And I think there’s some 21st century to,” shared Walz.

Flora and Fauna is on view at the Bradley Museum on Front Ave, free of charge until Dec. 8. There will be one more stop on the Museum tour before the re-open in the spring of next year. More information about up-and-coming projects and renovations can be found on the Columbus Museum website.