Former teacher opens bakery amidst global pandemic

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COLUMBUS, Ga. (WRBL) – A Columbus woman took a leap of faith after opening a bakery in the midst of a pandemic.

Jenna Poole opened Custom Cakes Studio roughly three months ago, Poole told News 3 she thought long and hard about the decision considering how many small and large businesses are still suffering from the impact of COVID-19.

“It was scary, I was standing on the edge for quite some time, but a few of my fellow creators and bakers encouraged me who have already taken that step. They told me if you’re already on the edge you might as well jump so I did decide to take the leap of faith and it turned out to be a good choice,” Poole said.

Before opening her bakery, Poole was a teacher. She told News 3 that while school was closed due to the pandemic, it gave her time to think about what she really wanted to do in life.

“Even with the pandemic, that’s kind of what gave me the green light to do this because when we shut down the schools shut down as well. As a teacher, I was working from home but it gave me a lot of free time to do more cakes and there was actually a period of months where I was doing an order every single day. So I knew that I could probably do this full time and so yeah I took the leap and it’s turned out wonderful,” Poole said.

Since being open for three months, Poole said the business is baking.

“Business is going very well, I think it helps that I had a clientele base for so many years. But also the community at Old Town is super duper receptive of us, we are now recognizing faces and calling people by names and it’s really great. People are really wanting something new and fun and were happy to provide that,” Poole said.

With Thanksgiving nine days away and Christmas 39 days away, Poole said they’re looking forward to the increase of customers for the holidays.

“I wouldn’t say we’re relying on it, I would say we’re more just excited to have more people come by. It’s an opportunity to have new customers and more customers. But I think we do have a steady flow throughout the week that the holidays will push us through but it’s not something that we’re necessarily needing but we’re excited about it,” Poole said.

To get ready for the holidays Poole has prepared several holiday pies.

“We’re offering three different types of pies, it’s for Thanksgiving, our flavor of the month right now is fall, autumn theme. We have a caramel apple spice cake, people can come in and grab it at any time, they can also pre-order it. We’re offering a sweet potato pumpkin swirl pie, buttermilk pie and chocolate pecan bourbon, as well as banana pudding trays,” Poole said.

Poole told News 3 she feels grateful that her bakery is managing to stay afloat during such hard times within the community.

“It makes me feel blessed and lucky, I feel lucky that people are still willing to venture out. The cake business is profitable because people are not going to stop having birthdays, people are not going to stop celebrating even if it’s just them and a few friends. They’re still going to want that special piece of dessert or something to help them to make their occasion special. So even during a pandemic I feel like specialty business that people still need are still thriving,” Poole said.

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