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The Western Hemisphere Institute for Security Cooperation or WHINSEC held its third annual panel to empower women in today’s global societies and cultures with experts from a diverse panel. 

“For the students of one of our most important courses and that is the commanding general’s staff officers course and this panel discussion is intended to promote the role of women in matters of international peace and security,”Tony Romaindo said. 

Romaindo says it is important for the students to attend this panel because once they graduate..They become global leaders and will need to understand the importance of including women in national security. 

The panelists addressed not replacing men but to include women in more of the planning and decision making. Pete Marocco was on the panel and says women are the grassroots of their societies and that is what the women peace and security act reflects. 

“In Venezuela you see many civil society organizations where women have much broader reach and more effective reach than   men do. Women have a  unique ability to reach out parts of the community that men otherwise are not recognizing that can actually mobilize efforts,”Marocco said.

President Trump signed the Women Peace and Security act in 2017 to increase women’s participation in the negotiation and mediation process. Gimena Sanchez Garzoli specializes in Columbia’s human rights and says her job is focusing on those who are the hardest hit. One major issue against women she says is sexual violence. 

“The Farc guerillas which had about 40 percent of their combatants being women alot of the women were recruited at a very young age and weren’t able to leave the Farc. The Farc had a policy of forced abortion if women became pregnant,” Sanchez said.

Sanchez-Garzoli says thanks to the peace accord these issues are being brought to life and leaders are now working to combat this.  

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