FORT MOORE, Ga. (WRBL) — Fort Moore has released its weapons firing schedule for the month of August. In a press release on Monday, the military base stated firings would include “Abrams Tanks, Bradley Fighting Vehicles, .50 caliber and other small arms.”

Throughout the month, multiple ranges will fire a variety of small arms. The press release warned community members might hear these noises more loudly on cloudy days.

“Proficiency only comes from practice, and this is especially true on the battlefield,” the press release states. “That’s why our Soldiers train.”

The release notes the military installation attempts to mitigate noise and cost of training by using simulators. However, it states training with weapons in real life is important for increasing chances of success in an actual conflict.

August’s firing schedule is below:

Aug. 1-4; 8-10Abrams, M2 .50Cal,
M240 MG
midnight – 2 a.m.; 8 a.m. – midnightDMPRC
Aug. 3; 8-9; 14-16; 22-24Bradley, M2 .50Cal,
M240 MG
8 a.m. – midnightWare
Aug. 7-11; 24-25; 30-31Abrams, Bradley,
M240 MG
8 a.m. – midnightCarmouche
Aug. 9-10Bradley, M240 MG8 a.m. – midnightHastings
Aug. 10; 14-15Bradley, M2 .50Cal,
M240 MG
midnight – 2 a.m.; 8 a.m. – midnightRuth
Aug. 14-17M2 .50Cal8 a.m. – midnightBrooks