FORT BENNING, Ga. (WRBL) — On Thursday Fort Benning will be renamed to Fort Moore in honor of Lt. Gen. Hal Moore and his wife and partner, Julia Moore.

The renaming of an installation that has carried the name of a Confederate general, Henry L. Benning, to Fort Moore is a statement being made by the Army.

It is of significance that it will be the only Army post named for a soldier and his wife. This week’s Sunday Conversation gets the views of four Army spouses about Julia Moore’s name being on this post.

Those on the panel for the interview conducted last week at the Benning Club are:

Teri Buzzard – Teri is the spouse of our commanding general. She is a former Army nurse and mother of three children, two are serving in the Navy and the third is an Army spouse. Her father also served.

Leslie Peters – Leslie is the spouse of a retired command sergeant major (who served 24 years) and currently works as an Army civilian in Army Community Service. She has been very active in Soldier/Family Readiness Groups and other spouse leadership programs.

Haley Uthlaut – Haley is a U.S. Military Academy graduate who served in the Army as a Combat Engineer. She became a Gold Star Spouse when her husband Capt. John Ryan Dennison was killed in 2006. Haley is married to Col.l David Uthlaut, RSTB Commander of the 75th Ranger Regiment. They have four children.

Gavin Fokken-Pydyn – Gavin is the newest Army spouse of this group. He has been married three years to a first lieutenant who will soon be taking company command. Gavin earned a marketing degree before working as a professional choreographer and event coordinator.