COLUMBUS, Ga. (WRBL) — Patriot Challenge began more than ten years ago when Army Ranger Cory Smith ran 565 miles from Fort Benning, Georgia, to his home in Indianapolis, Indiana, with the intent to bring awareness to the transitioning difficulties many service members face.

Cory sought to be the physical embodiment of challenges facing transitioning service members as they enter civilian life. Moved by Cory’s determination to raise awareness, GallantFew established the awareness and fitness event Run Ranger Run, now Patriot Challenge.

GallantFew’s Patriot Challenge is a nationwide tribute to Cory’s inspirational advocacy. Each February, the military community links arms with civilian patriots across America in honor of Cory’s commitment to ONE mission – to support and raise funds so that any veteran or service member can receive one-on-one mentorship to live a life full of hope and purpose. It is our belief that a veteran with a purpose strengthens a nation and that a successful transition and reintegration require community engagement.