COLUMBUS, Ga. (WRBL) — The Georgia Army National Guard held a ribbon cutting ceremony today for their new recruitment office in North Columbus.

Normally it’s recruiters going out to look for people who want greater opportunities and ways to explore their potential. But now we have a place that we can call home.

Lt. Col. Gregory Koester, Recruiting & Retention Battalion Commander, GA Army National Guard

The goal of the storefront is bringing awareness to the ins and outs of what the GA Army National Guard is and how they serve our country and community.

It means an opportunity for people to get involved in serving their country. And there are things the Georgia Army National Guard offers them. And you have an opportunity for education. You have an opportunity for health care. You have an opportunity for retirement all while you’re working in your chosen field in the civilian world.

Skip Henderson, Columbus

Lt. Col. Gregory Koester has been in the National Guard for 21 years. He now serves as a recruitment battalion commander. Being the first in his family to join the military, he says there has been a tremendous reward personally and professionally.

Like paying for my education was enormous, but also personally, being the first generation completing college for me and my family was big. And now the opportunity to use the Army’s benefits to pay for a graduate degree or to receive advanced training like many other people in the military… it’s been a tremendous opportunity that will always be special to me.

Lt. Col. Gregory Koester, Recruiting & Retention Battalion Commander, GA Army National Guard

Those who join the Georgia National Guard can take advantage of multiple benefits like the Service Cancelable Loan. This student financial aid program offers National Guard members loans used towards the total cost of tuition for any state-run college or university in Georgia.

For more information on the Georgia Army National Guard, visit their website here.