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Georgia Association of Educators advocates for improved salaries, safety, and funding for schools

COLUMBUS, Ga (WRBL) - School is back in session, but safety, salaries, and funding remain top concerns for Georgia educators.

The new president of the Georgia Association of Educators offers insight into why these concerns weigh so heavily upon the state's teachers.

School safety--- an issue around the country--also tops the list of concerns for Georgia teachers.

But Charlotte Booker the new president of the Georgia Association of Educators is clear on where the organization stands about arming educators.

"Well, our belief is it's never a teacher's job to have a gun in a school. It is not something that she or he should be required to do. We leave that to the professionals,” said Booker.            

But like Alabama, not all Georgia public schools have armed resource officers on campus.

 "I think it would be a very good safety precaution to make sure every school has resource officers,” said Booker.

But to do that lead to a second major concern for Georgia educators and that's funding.

Booker said, "This year . . .[is]  the first year we've been fully funded in education. We're hoping that will continue for the years to come."

And using those funds to raise teachers' salaries, GAE says, is not only a means improving educators’ incomes, but also benefits the state when it comes to retention.

"Well, I think teachers are looking for a decent salary. Not over the top, maybe. But it would be great to have an increase in our salaries,” Booker said.

The average teacher salary stands at just more than $56,000 dollars for experienced teachers.

GAE advocates $40,000 should be the minimum starting salary for new teachers.

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