Georgia Democratic Gubernatorial Nominee Stacey Abrams Unveils Rural Healthcare Plan

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Tuesday in Plains, Stacey Abrams, Democratic Gubernatorial nominee for Georgia stood alongside former President Jimmy Carter.
Carter, spoke on behalf of him and his wife Rosalynn.

“We are very eager to see her become Governor ” says President Carter.

Abrams unveiled her rural healthcare plan.

Part of it includes…
 “I’m the only candidate with a plan for 1332 waivers that will help create a Georgia premium stability platform that will allow entrepreneurs and small business owners to get access to high quality affordable health care as well.” says Abrams.

Team Abrams says, 68 percent of rural Georgians are reporting they struggle with the cost of healthcare.
They also mention six hospitals in rural Georgia have closed since 2013.
 During the news conference in front of the newly opened Mercer Medicine, (the city’s first facility with a practicing physician as of September) , there was also concern from the crowd about job growth.

“And as President Carter pointed out, yes everyone knows that having good jobs and having good transportation, having internet everywhere..that those are the ways to improve opportunity but we have to begin by making sure there’s healthcare because no manufacturing company is bringing any of their jobs to an area where they can’t afford for any of their workers to get sick.” says Abrams.

When it  comes to the other side of the race, Brian Kemp, Republican Gubernatorial nominee for Georgia, he’s also placing an emphasis on rural healthcare.

Kemp’s plan includes, “ending the stranglehold of Obamacare and promote Georgia-focused, free market, based healthcare reform that will lower costs and expand service and options.”

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