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Georgia gang activity on the rise

COLUMBUS, GA (WRBL) - Law Enforcement Officials say Georgia has gang crisis. 

The FBI says criminal street gangs are about 48 percent responsible for the violent crimes in a majority of jurisdictions and about 90 percent in others. 

According to Law Enforcement, it is estimated that Georgia has more than 71,000 gang members. 

Gang activity is on the rise statewide - leading to an increase in crime. 

"This is not just a law enforcement problem. This is a state of Georgia issue, and we all need to come together as citizens of this state. Anywhere between 40 and 80 to 90-percent of all violent crime, and a lot of property crimes are being committed by gang members or associates of gang members," says Morrow Police Chief James Callaway.

The Georgia Gang Investigators Association says it plans to partner with schools and churches to look for prevention methods. They also want to educate parents on what to look for to see if their children are showing signs of gang activity. 

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