COLUMBUS, Ga. (WRBL)— As the temperatures begin to fall, Georgia Power advises starting to prepare now so the house can be ready for winter. 

Georgia Power Communication Specialist Tess Newton says having your heater inspected early and using a smart thermostat can save you money as the seasons begin to change.

Having your heater inspected ensures that your heater is running safely and effectively. Smart thermostats give you the ability to preset the temperature in your home, saving you up to 100-dollars a year. This allows customers the ability to control over the thermostat when they are not at home.
Newton shared some additional ways on how to save money this winter.

“One of those being caulking your windows, caulking your doors, making sure that you have weather stripping and so that you’re able to keep the warm air in. And once we turn on our heaters and keep that cold air out, making sure that you have insulation in your attic, insulation where again, we’re keeping the hot air and the cold air out. Another one, when you do start using your heaters, is making sure that you’re not blocking the air vents,” said Newton.

Georgia Power has dozens of other energy resources; more information is available on its website.