Georgia State Patrol keeping a watchful eye on roadways during Memorial Day travel period

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The Memorial Day travel rush is underway right now.

The Georgia State Patrol says its troopers will be keeping a watchful eye on the state’s crowded roadways.

Whether it’s the interstates, highways, or the roads less traveled, Georgia State Patrol says you can count on an increased law enforcement presence on all state roads this Memorial Day weekend.

With it being a holiday weekend, we’re just out being a little more visual, a little more vigilant, especially with the increase of traffic. And [with] people traveling back and forth to family and vacation, said Trooper Alec Davis, TFC2 GSP Post 10 Americus.

And GSP says more than anything, drivers need to police their own bad habits to keep the highways safe.

“So, we’re a little more adamant at folks about their speeds and the seatbelts. [We] make sure people aren’t distracted playing with their phones going down the road, and of course, definitely looking for impaired drivers, Trooper Davis said.

Remember, Georgia’s hands-free cell phone law prohibits holding the phone anywhere on your body while behind the wheel. But unfortunately, GSP says they’re seeing more and more instances of people disobeying that law.

A lot of our wrecks happen because someone is being distracted. And that’s the biggest thing. Cutting down on accidents with injuries and [those] that result in fatalities, said Trooper Davis.  We’re not out to get you or to get anybody. You know, we’re people, too . . . We don’t make any money regardless of whether we write tickets or warnings. But we still have laws to enforce. And we have a job that we have to do.

Troopers also want to be sure you follow speed limits.

Also, they advise you to leave earlier to give yourself plenty of time for travel, especially since the roadways will be crowded.

And they want to remind you, under no circumstances should you drink and then get behind the wheel.

Trooper Davis says taking your eyes off the highway even or second or two to look down is dangerous.

For drivers going the speed limit of 55 to 65 miles per hour, they can travel the length of a full football field while distracted.

Georgia authorities say troopers will conduct high visibility patrols now through Monday midnight.

AAA says an estimated 43 million people will travel this holiday weekend.

Of those, an estimated 38 million of them are traveling on the nation’s highways.

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