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COLUMBUS, Ga. — Those long summer days are starting to fade away as kids prepare to head back to school.

Most children tend to stay up later in the summer, which can make it hard to keep a bed time.

According to the National Sleep Foundation here are the proper amounts of sleep each child needs to have a successful day in school

Preschool children ages 3-5 should get 11-13 hours of sleep.

Kids ages 6-12 should get 10-12 hours of sleep

Teens should get 9-11 hours of sleep

A local expert at Saint Francis Hospital says it’s important that parents stay on track with making sure their kids are in bed on time.

“Parents do tend to put their children to sleep earlier the younger they are but as you get older they allow them to stay up a little bit longer and of course with catching school buses and everything you tend to get up way earlier then in the past so when you have a child that’s staying up to 11-12:00 at night and getting up at 5:00 to catch the bus, they are having inadequate amount of time.” Katrenna Lewis, Sleep Disorder Lab St.Francis Hospital

With school starting in just two weeks, Lewis says you should get your child back in the routine now.

“Because school is starting in a couple of weeks it is recommended that you start them on that pattern and routine prior to the start of of school to give their body a chance to kinda get adjusted and accustomed to those changes and sleep times. During the summer you do tend to stay up a little later.” Katrenna Lewis, Sleep Disorder Lab St.Francis Hospital

It’s a sleep pattern Kara Lee agrees with.

“We mentally, physically, spiritually prepare for the new day, so bed time is really a key to beginning a new day well for us.” Kara Lee, Mom

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