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COLUMBUS, Ga. – You might remember News Three reporting he was put in the Lumpkin Detention Center- after he got pulled over in Harris County- without an I.D. on Easter Sunday.

News Three caught up with the girlfriend of the illegal immigrant.

“We were gonna go to an Easter gathering and Jose was driving because I was not feeling good and I guess he was going a little bit over the speed limit…so a Sheriff’s Deputy pulled us over.” says Marta Lopez.

She describes to News Three what led to the arrest of her boyfriend Jose Gonzalez.

“And he was like yeah you’re going a little bit over the speed limit can I see your license and obviously Jose didn’t have a license so they made him step out of the vehicle and took him.” says Lopez.

18-year-old Lopez and 20-year-old Gonzalez are both 2016 graduates of Shaw High School.

They’ve been dating for almost three years.

Lopez says the two were inseparable before he was taken into custody at the Stewart County Detention Center.

“All the time together…my family is in Spain I don’t have anybody here just Jose and Jose was taken.” says Marta.

Lopez says life has been rough for Gonzlalez.

She says he was no older than 13-years-old- when he and his family traveled for 15 days- to get to the U.S from Guatemala.

Lopez also says the father Jose Gonzalez, Sr. was abusive to his son.

The father is now back in Guatemala.

Lopez says she fears for Jose’s life if he gets deported back to his home country, where his dad now lives.

“This is how America is treating a victim of domestic violence putting him in a detention center..making his life even harder.” says Lopez.

Lopez says before the arrest, he was working to go to college to become a dentist.

But now in the detention center–he tells Lopez…

“I just want to get out of here I can’t take it anymore the food is disgusting. I don’t know what I eat every single day I don’t know what I’m eating, I get no sleep.” says Lopez.

Last Thursday, Lopez and Gonzalez’s lawyer received U-Visa eligibility paperwork from the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services.

“We had to wait for an immigration letter to come before releasing him and we got the letter. We’re just waiting for another court…so we can show the judge the letter so he can be released.” says Lopez.

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