COLUMBUS, Ga (WRBL) – A member of an early 90’s hip hop group with ties to the Columbus area, has opened a CBD store to give soldiers an alternative to taking opioids.

Some folks may remember Big Gipp.. one of the four members of Goodie Mob. You’ll be seeing a lot more of him now that he’s opened a CBD store, Gipp Goodies, in honor of his father who’s a military veteran and was stationed at Fort Benning.

Gipp says he wanted to help soldiers who were trying to get acclimated with society after returning from the war, or if they needed help with their anxiety or anger management or even pain management.

He wanted to do something to keep them away from negative alternative medicine.
Despite being in the pandemic, He says he wanted to open his first store here in Columbus

“To have the opportunity to open something like this, the cost wasn’t even a matter, that wasn’t the matter. The matter was us being able to open up something for our people where they can go and get things that can heal them and their bodies and their families because hey man with this pandemic going on, I would rather let me help you than do what you been doing. So that’s the reason why I opened a CBD store here in Columbus Georgia,” Gipp says.

Gipp is selling the medicinal part of the marijuana plant. “He says one part of the plant is for recreation and the other part is really for medicine,” Gipp says.

The moment you consume any of his products you’ll instantly feel better.

“It will instantly start helping you and at the same time healing you. Anything that’s in your system, in your blood, it’ll start healing you. This comes naturally out of the ground,” he says.

For Gipp, its all about trust.

“I’ve given you 25 years of great music so I’m going to give you 25 years of great healing,” Gipp says.

Gipp says his mother is on all of his products and he’s sure it’ll work for you if you need it.
He says he has everything he needs for good health in the community.

He says he wants to take Columbus into the new world.