Halloween is right around the corner, and with the excitement the holiday brings, it’s also a time to remind parents to remain vigilant against possible dangers that go bump in the night. That also includes registered sex offenders that may reside in your neighborhood. 

Local authorities are arming parents with the information you need to know to keep your children safe. Kids have been preparing their Halloween costumes for months, but there’s one particular group among us that’s hiding in plain sight-sex offenders. 

Sgt. Stewart Smith of the Troup County Sherrif’s Office spoke with News 3 about restrictions already in place to make sure your child’s Halloween experience is frighteningly good. 

“There are certain restrictions on Halloween night for sex offenders that are under supervision, which is probation or parole during that period of time they have to leave their residence and go to another location,” says Smith. “It’s about a 4-hour period that they have to do that. We don’t necessarily go and pick them up or anything, but they’re given that guidance on Halloween that they’re told to do that.”

Sgt. Smith also says that parents can learn if a registered sex offender resides in their vicinity by visiting the National Sex Offender Registry. And Troup County residents can access information for their specific neighborhood by visiting offenderwatch.com.