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Harris County 3rd and 4th Graders Receive STEAM Learning

HARRIS COUNTY (WRBL) - Third and Fourth graders in Harris County took a break from the books to get hands-on learning at this year's STEAM contest. 

"Our agriculture program worked together with our local farm bureau to help New Mountain Hill Elementary get their STEAM certification, which is science, technology, engineering, art, and math. We work together to coming up with agricultural projects to get the students really engaged," says Jay Borden, Harris County FFA Advisor.

Roughly 120 students were split into groups learning the basics from livestock, gardening and wildlife science. 

"The high school students helped us design the contest and are helping us run the contest. They are serving as judges and they've been going in the classrooms teaching the students how to do various skills," says Borden.

Most of the students took interests to the outdoor activities, learning how to safely launch a pumpkin catapult. 

"We are learning the steps to make it. You have to figure out and research about it and see what it does and you have to figure out how to use the supplies and what design you want to make it," says Lila Klein, 3rd Grader

The day has been quite exciting for these students, and for the volunteers. 

"I've been amazed by the turnout. It was obviously very difficult to find a venue with the weather, but once we found a venue the students came, build it and they will come!" says Spen Oliver, High School Senior.

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