HARRIS COUNTY, Ga. (WRBL) – You may have known her as Stephanie Green. Having recently married, the branch manager of Harris County Public Library recently changed her name to Stephanie Barnes. Barnes has worked in her current position for six years and has her sights set on being the outreach and public services librarian for the Pine Mountain Regional Library System in Manchester, Georgia. Her last day with the Harris County Public Library will be Saturday, Oct. 1.

Barnes said her current job is the first one she had after graduating from library school.

“My main duties are to … monitor the operations of the building, supervise my staff and encourage them to be the best that they can be,” she said. “I order books for the library, the adult books for the library.”

Barnes guessed that people probably know her for having a friendly and helpful, which she strives to be.

“I’ve learned a lot in my six years in this position,” she said.

Barnes recently attended the PINNACLE leadership program for Georgia librarians.

“Through that leadership cohort, I was able to gain skills and knowledge that helped me grow as a librarian, and I’m ready to strike out and try something new,” she said.

The idea of leaving the Harris County Public Library was initially difficult for Barnes. However, she said she looks forward to advancing her career.

“I just want to add that public libraries are a place for everybody,” she said, adding that librarians and library staff do their best to serve their patrons.

The Harris County Public Library recently made a post on social media about Barnes’ transition to her new job.

“She has served the library and the residents of Harris County well,” the post says. “We are so thankful for her leadership over the years. We want to wish Mrs. Stephanie good luck on her new library adventure!”

“It was my pleasure to serve the Harris County community and share the resources that are available through the public library,” Barnes said in the post. “I will miss seeing everyone at the library. Harris County is still my home, and I hope to see some familiar faces soon.”