Historic Westville announces opening date in Columbus during citizen forum

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An opening date for Historic Westville in Columbus is finally in sight after plans to move from Lumpkin were announced in 2015.

At a South Columbus Concerned Citizens meeting held Sunday afternoon, the Director of Interpretation and Executive Director announced the opening date and discussed some of the changes coming with the new location.

Construction is well underway along with plans to enhance the 19th century experience.

 “A lot of people have memories of going with their fourth grade class to Stewart County and visiting it when it was at Lumpkin, and we will take that experience and expand upon it,” says the Director of Interpretation, Stephan Zacharias.

You can expect some changes, like no more tour guides and an entry fee that allows you to enjoy the site for the entire day. 

“As you approach the village, you get a sense that you’re no longer in Columbus, or even a big city by the river, but that you are in a 19th century village that’s fully active,” says Zacharias.

Jobs and opportunities to volunteer are coming with the grand opening.

 “It will provide opportunity for everyone; opportunity to learn, opportunity to participate and learn a new trade potentially, opportunity to volunteer. We’re going to have some job opportunities, which will be online.  So really, Westville, Historic Westville is Columbus,” says Executive Director, Robert Choppa.

The new location is near the National Infantry Museum and Oxbow Meadows.

“It’s just like what the Infantry Museum did for south Columbus, you know, now the Infantry Museum is highly rated. It’s the number one best museum in the US, so I’m hoping that’s Westville will only enhance our community here,” says the Interim President of South Columbus Concerned Citizens, Juanilda Diolosa.

The grand opening date is set for Saturday, October 20.

To learn more, visit their website Westville.org.

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