LaGrange, Ga- Evacuation warnings in anticipation of Hurricane Florence aren’t only for those standing on two legs-our four legged friends are also vulnerable to Florence’s wrath. Many of those animals have found a safe haven in LaGrange.

Nearly 70 displaced animals were transported from Hilton Head, South Carolina to the LaGrange Animal Shelter Thursday afternoon prior to Hurricane Florence’s impact along the coast. In partnership with the Atlanta Humane Society and the Puppy Pipeline Rescue-staff at LaGrange’s shelter tell News 3, this is a big undertaking, but one they couldn’t resist. 

LaGrange Animal Services Supervisor, Chris Bussey, has a soft spot for animals, after all, he’s made it his career. But he says being able to open the doors of the LaGrange shelter for animals displaced by Hurricane Florence is extra special. 

“It’s nice to know…being an open admission shelter that we can actually provide help to another shelter and find the animals a home,” says Bussey. 

It’s part of a transport agreement that many shelters across the country have in place in the event of a natural disaster, says Alison Hill of the Atlanta Humane Society. 

“All coastal shelters have an agreement with inland shelters and with their respective states, like FEMA, emergency departments…Department of Ag(riculture). When they see the storm coming and we have a pretty good idea of where it’s gonna land, we’ll reach out to our partners on whatever coast it is, and then they’ll reach out to us and ask for our help, and we’ll do whatever we can,” says Hill. 

For Bussey, taking in animals transported from out of state is a new experience for his team. 

“This is actually our first transport taking in animals from other shelters. It was eye-opening to see how much work is involved from taking in, we’re used to always sending animals out to other shelters,” says Bussey. 

But Bussey is providing these fur babies-all 50 cats and 16 dogs, shelter from the storm, and possibly permanent homes. 

“We make sure that these aren’t owned animals, these are all sheltered animals,” says Bussey. “They will be available for adoption.” 

And for those families that choose to adopt, their furry new addition will definitely be the rainbow after the storm. 

The LaGrange Animal Shelter is always in need of supplies such as Purina based food, dog bowls, cat litter, blankets and paper towels. 

Are you interested in adopting or providing supplies? Click here.