COLUMBUS, Ga. (WRBL) – Kadie the Cow is moo-ving to a new pasture. On Tuesday, the Columbus City Council approved a proposal to move the iconic cow to Uptown.

Kadie’s new home will be near the Splashpad on Bay Avenue.

“We are confident that Kadie would be welcomed and enjoyed be in Uptown, the heart of the city,” said Tracey Green, the Director of Communications for Uptown Columbus.

Uptown created a fundraiser for the expense of moving the cow to her new home. It has raised $32,826. The funds will be used to both move and refurbish Kadie.

The 20-foot-tall cow has been a part of the Columbus community since 1967.

“The city is very passionate about her because she such a big part of our history,” said Green.

For several years, Kadie has sat alone in the the parking lot of the old Best Buy store on Manchester Expressway. In June 2019, the store closed and relocated to Whittlesey Blvd. The area was the original home of Kinnett Dairies.

Alone in the isolated and abandoned parking lot, Kadie was the target of vandalism in November 2020, with an obscene gesture and swastika painted on her.