It’s another day of learning for third grader Peyton Dykes and his classmates. 

Peyton is designing a pinball kit for future students to open and put together. 

These third graders are learning about science, technology, engineering, and math using a “A World in Motion” kits sponsored by Kia. 

Peyton says it’s more than designing a pinball machine, it’s about learning. 

“You have to have math, how far it’s going to go? The distance and the science,” says Peyton Dykes. 

These lessons go far beyond academics.

“Life skills I have learned is to learn from my mistakes and to use teamwork,” says Dykes. 

Third grade teacher Laura Robinson says because of the AWIM kits, her students get a valuable lesson, they learn from their mistakes.

“It is not going to always be perfect, and thats what I like about it because it encourages failure,” says Laura Robinson

Robinson says learning these life skills now not only helps these kids succeed in the classroom, but also in life.  

“You can kind of see the mindset of some students that think outside the box or have thos engineering skills for math, science, and technology. I kind of really like that because it helps me predict their futures and I know whatever they do they’ll be successful,” says Robinson 

 It’s a skill Cameron and his classmates are just beginning to understand.