KIA helps roll students into their future

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Fourth graders from Berta Weathersbee Elementary are rolling into their future by learning acceleration and motion at young ages.  
Thanks to “A World in Motion” kits from Kia, students are learning with a hands-on approach. 

“They have to come up with a plan and product. Test it to see why it works and why it doesn’t work that way it can help them when they go to college,” says teacher Jaketa Hardnett

Hardnett says the goal is to help make sure these students are ready for their future careers.
The students say the best skill they have learned so far is teamwork. 

“The most important thing is teamwork. Beacuse if you are alone, it goes slower. If you have partners, it might go faster,” says student Jabrez Cooper.

Jaketa Hardnett says it’s a fun, unique way to learn!

These AWIM kits are expanding the kids knowledge in the STEM fields. A career which could someday lead them to the local Kia factory.

“It prepares for the real world,” says Cooper.

As these students continue to use this hands-on approach to learning, they will soon be able to take on the job force. 

“All the lessons they are learning builds on each grade level,” says Hardnett. 

They’ll someday take that knowledge out of the classroom and into the real world.

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