For these kindergarteners at Mulberry Creek Elementary Scool, this is learning time, not playtime.

“When we wrap around the straw it goes further. When we don’t wrap it around the straw, it drags,” says student Grant. 

Ms. Joy Anderson’s class is learning all about gravity. 

“With the gravity, they see when they shoot something out it falls and that’s the biggest thing they love seeing,” says kindergarten teacher Joy Anderson. 

It’s a lesson brought to life by Kia In The Classroom and the company’s ” A World In Motion” kit. 

“AWIN kits are a great way to learn by using hands-on activities. they relate themselves to scientists or the people who are in the industry of making cars and rockets,” says Anderson. 

These interactive lessons receive A+ reviews from these little learners.

“Its fun to make stuff because it actually feels like you’re in a rocket,” says student Aaliyah. 

Just one more way KIA is putting the world in motion.