It may look like something you’ll find on the shelf of your local toy store, but it isn’t your typical toy car.  

“We’re building chassis,” says student Taniya Taylor. 

Fifth graders from Ethel W. Kight Elementary say they’re learning how to build frameworks for cars. 

“When you build a car, you have to make sure the wheels are straight. If the wheels aren’t straight, the car will go cricket,” says student Delan Azad. 

The proof is in the pudding, right? Thanks to “A World In Motion” sponsored by KIA, these students are learning just how cars function. 

“I have learned a little bit about cars. It won’t be able to run without oil and that’s kind of like the balloon. If the balloon isn’t pumped the right speed, the car won’t go as far. So, it’s kind of like oil. If you don’t have the right oil, your car won’t go,” says student Taniya Taylor. 

“You have to make sure everything on your car is good. If your car isn’t good in real life, something might happen to your car,” says student Delan Azad.  

The students say aside from learning mechanics, they are learning some life skills too. 

“You will need teamwork. I couldn’t do it by myself,” says student Taniya Taylor. 

“If you don’t have teamwork, then the car will mess up and it’ll never go right,” says student Delan Azad. 

You don’t need to press the brakes for this type of learning.