It’s another day of exploring for Cameron Sutton and his classmates.

Cameron weighs clay to make sure his team’s glider will fly correctly.

These 8th graders are learning about Science, Technology, Engineering and Math using “A World in Motion” kits sponsored by Kia.

Cameron says challenges such as the glider activity are a big hit with students.

“It teaches you teamwork and physics and a lot of great, valuable lessons.”

 Those lessons are more than just academic.

“You definitely need teamwork because if I don’t work well with my team, we can’t get anything done and we’re sitting here arguing all the time.”

Retired teacher Becky Sands facilitates the activities. 

 She says teamwork is a large part of their success.

 “We have people where we might have two leaders in a group or 2 bosses and we have to work through that to where you can see this group got better with that because they worked well together.”

 Science teacher Terrance Price says working together not only helps these kids succeed in
the classroom, but also in life.

“It’s a life skill because you can’t go anywhere and not be able to cooperate.  So that’s a very important skill.”

 It’s a skill Cameron and his team are just beginning to understand.