The higher up you go, the faster it will go.

“When you move from different heights it allows them to see that if it’s going at a certain height it would push a car further than if it was at a lower height,” says parent Tiffany Hopek. 

Thanks to “A World in Motion” sponsored by KIA, these kindergarteners from Mulberry Creek Elementary School are learning about mass.  

“It allows them to see the difference between what has more mass and what has less mass. it allows them to measure to see the higher up you go, the faster it will go,” says Tiffany Hopek. 

The biggest impact this type of learning has on these little learners…
“Learning to love science and really appreciate it. we need more people in the science field,” says Hopek.
“I’ve learned that when the block crashes when the weight is on it, the block crashes further and sometimes it goes a little shorter,” says student Chase Martin. 

Just one more way KIA is putting the world in motion.