Kindergarteners from Mulberry Creek Elementary are learning how sunflower seeds move and travel.

“At one station, they’re exploring the seed when they look at with a magnifying glass. They are able to tell if the seed is heavy or light and how that affects the dispersion of seeds,” says teacher Janie Tillery. 

Kindergarten teacher Janie Tillery says thanks to A “World in Motion” kit sponsored by Kia, they are able to tie this kit to their standards.

“And it directly ties to our standards in kindergarten because part of our science standards is to explore differences between different plants and seeds to see how it affects the plants,” says Tillery. 
 The parachutes symbolize seeds and how they disperse through the air.

So why is it important for seeds to move?
“So the trees can grow inside the ground,” says student Abbie. 

Tillery says the hands-on experience makes learning worthwhile for these little learners. 

“It makes learning more fun and it shows them how to relate to real life and it always helps when the little ones get to get out of their seats,” says Tillery.

And these students and teachers are sowing seeds and reaping their harvest.