As the Los Angeles Rams get ready to play for the NFC championship Sunday in New Orleans, one Eufaula woman will be watching the game with the intensity of a mother.

Pam Snead’s son, Les, is the general manager and architect of the Rams, one of the best teams in the NFL. It is a story of a mother and her love for her only child. And his love for her.

Les Snead started his football career at Eufaula High School in the late 1980s and has become one of the most respected football minds in the NFL. Behind Les’ success is a mother who supported him every step of the way with her wisdom and her resources.

But to understand the relationship between this single mother and her son, all you have to do is ask Pam Snead one question — how proud of Les are you? 
“Chuck, now that’s a question that will bring tears. I really can’t tell you how proud.”

The pride works both ways. News 3 reached Les by phone Friday in LA as he was preparing to travel to New Orleans. Ask him if he would be in this spot, one win from a Super Bowl and his response is quick.

“No. No. She sacrificed everything, she sacrificed her life to help me chase my dream.”

In November Pam discovered she had cancer. Les was preparing his team for what he hopes is a championship run, but he approached his mom’s condition like he approaches building a football team.

“Let’s figure it out. Let’s then attack it. If you want to call it the rose on the thorn, there is now a new perspective of life.”

Pam talks to her son daily and he has offered support during this difficult time. The night before Thanksgiving she got a call from Rams Coach Sean McVay, who told her she might have a visitor soon. Not five hours later, Les knocked on his mother’s door. 

Pam, who went to a game in LA a few weeks ago, won’t make the trip to New Orleans on Sunday. Instead, she will be in front of the TV and in the Super Dome in spirt.

But she has already won because she gets to watch Les chase his dream.

“My heart is so full, I can’t even tell you.”