HEARD COUNTY, Ga. (WRBL) – After the car of missing woman Natalie Jones was found in Heard County on Oct. 7, law enforcement officials say they have learned more, following the find.

The Heard County Sheriff’s Department believes the missing mother may have stopped in the wooded area where her car was found. Authorities tell News 3 they’ve found no reason to suspect foul play.

The 27-year-old mother of two was last seen leaving a Fourth of July celebration in Jackson’s Gap, Alabama. The Heard County Sheriff’s Department confirmed they found Jones car on the evening of Oct. 7. A body was found in the driver seat of the car but has not been identified. Sheriff Ross Henry told News 3, an autopsy was scheduled for Oct. 8.

“It’s like she stopped somewhere and fell off the face of the earth and that’s exactly what happened.” Sheriff Henry Ross said. “You know for whatever reason she was there and then there was no more phone activity or citing or anything and that explains why.”

Authorities did recover a phone inside of a car, but it is still unknown if the cell phone belonged to Jones. 

Jones’ family has created a Go-Fund-Me account to help with Jones’ final arrangement expenses. You can view it here.