LaGRANGE, Ga. (WRBL) – The LaGrange Police Department is taking a stand against the increase of dirt bikes and motor carts like four-wheelers and ATVs in the city. Many of the motorized vehicles being driven in the streets are not legally registered. There have been large groups gathering and increasing accidents.

“There’s a couple of issues; they put the motorists at risk because you have various skill levels of motorists on the roadway and basically these guys come from nowhere,” said Sgt. of the Traffic Unit for the LaGrange Police Department, Marshall McCoy. “They’re zipping in and out of cars, they’re popping wheelies, they’re disregarding traffic signals, disregarding stop signs. That poses a risk for a driver to all of a sudden, jerk into another lane, slam on the breaks, there’s all kinds of factors that can happen.”

McCoy credits the increase in riders to the warmer temperatures approaching. He said he is concerned with the overall safety of both motorists and drivers.

The Police Department is increasing surveillance of these dirt bikes, using drones for better viewing and stop sticks that deflate tires. They are also reviewing the ordinance in place to look for ways to also strengthen the rules.

McCoy said he also wants to lower the level of trauma drivers experience when accidentally hitting these motorcyclists due to the constant weaving in and out of traffic.

He said the police department is open to suggestions from the riders on ways to decrease their traffic on the main roads.