COLUMBUS, Ga. (WRBL)— We’re going to introduce you to some hard-working students!

These Berta Weathersbee Elementary students from LaGrange participated in their first ever GreenPower Race, this year’s Gobble Chase, at the Columbs Civic Center Saturday and it looks like they were naturals because took home the Spirit Award!

Crews from across Columbus and the southeast competed in this STEM event where they constructed, drove, monitored, and maintained their own electric cars.

In addition to racing, the students made a presentation on their cars, answered technical questions, and demonstrated their business and marketing plans which attributed to half of their final scores.

From those of us here at WRBL, congratulations students on your hard work and earning that Spirit Award!

Clockwise from bottom left: Rashad Gaskin, Kimari Gates, Ms. Allysha Perry, Demarion Smith, Mr. Ken Webb, Devontae Smith, Katelyn Stiggers, A’Kyrua Pla, Mr. Willie Cooks (principal), Mr. John Curry, Demarian Dowell, Zion Winston, Marqhi Wilson, Amaya Acuna-Martinez. These pictures were submitted by Berta Weathersbee Elementary’s Media Specialist, Deborah Schultz.