LaGrange, Ga. (WRBL) – The City of LaGrange gathered at City Hall on the morning of April 23, 2021 for the annual mass litter clean up. All small businesses were closed and city employees took time out of their shifts to participate in the community event.

“To me this just shows how much the people of LaGrange really love this city and they love this city. They want this city to be beautiful, attractive. They take pride in the city and I’m so excited to see such a great turn out of city employees and residents,” said Mayor of LaGrange, Jim Thornton.

This is the third year the city has held a mass litter clean up. The idea came from City Manager, Meg Kelsey, and all the city officials have been impressed with the growing interaction from all the citizens.

Some locals even took this event as an opportunity to show the younger generations a lesson about responsibility. LaGrange resident, Kevin Coburn, took his grandchildren to participate and learn about serving the community.

“Well a couple of things they’ve been saying is why don’t people have garbage cans to throw their garbage away. Maybe they’ll be learning to take care of their own garbage and if each person takes care of their own stuff they’ll be able to keep the community a little bit cleaner,” said Coburn.

Councilman Nathan Gaskin is credited with the creation of the saying “Leaving LaGrange Better Than We Found It.” He credits the mantra to his mother who instilled responsibility in him at a young age.

“My mother instilled this in us that wherever we go, whatever we do in life, you always make it better than when you got there,” said Gaskin.

The city provided free lunch to all the volunteers after the clean up at Sweetland Amphitheatre.

There was a total of 20 tons of trash cleaned up after the mass litter clean up.