HOGANSVILLE, Ga. (WRBL) – The Hogansville Police Department (HPD) is looking for three adult males in connection to criminal activity against children. Videos and pictures were found of the individuals partaking in criminal sexual activity with underage females.

Jeffrey Sheppard, the Hogansville Police Chief, said the men are believed to be between ages 18-25. HPD is asking for the public’s help in identifying the individuals, they are believed to be in the Troup County area.

“We are desperately seeking the public’s help to try to identify these three men so that these crimes will not happen against any other minor children,” said Sheppard.

The videos and photos displaying criminal sexual activity were found in a cellphone that was left in a bag used by Kawaun Breary, who was arrested for entering autos and for the possession of many narcotics.

A juvenile then claimed the cellphone was his and after obtaining a search warrant, police determined he was connected to the car break-ins.

The juvenile has been taken into custody and charged with breaking into autos. He also filmed crimes of a sexual nature against minor females.

The three men in the videos and pictures could be facing numerous charges including; statutory rape, child molestation, child pornography, making and disseminating child pornography and sodomy.

Sheppard said they know there are at least two victims as they continue to search through evidence.

“We definitely want to get these people stopped because if they’re bold enough, they’re filming this there will be other victims if they are not stopped,” said Sheppard.

Marcus Rakestraw, the Sergeant over the Criminal Investigation Division for HPD, also said the phone contained nude photos of the females.

“The videos are pretty much self-incriminating, we just need the identity of the males in the videos so we can get arrest warrants,” said Rakestraw.

Suspects wanted in Hogansville