Two candidates for mayor express their hopes and concerns ahead of Hogansville Mayoral election

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HOGANSVILLE, Ga. (WRBL) – As the election for Hogansville mayor approaches, some candidates are sharing their goals and what they hope to achieve if elected on Nov. 2, 2021. Bill Stankiewicz, the current Mayor of Hogansville, will be running against Jake Ayers, Angela Price and George Bailey.

Stankiewicz served as the City Manager for six years before becoming Mayor for the past eight years. He describes Hogansville as a tremendously vibrant city. He said he has seen Hogansville grow over the years and is expecting major growth for the city within the next five years.

“For this election that’s coming up I think what’s critical is someone who has the knowledge, the experience and the commitment to the city,” said Stankiewicz.

Hogansville expects to add 800 homes within the next two years and annexation of 500 acres within five years. Stankiewicz believes he, unlike his opponents, has the experience to handle the growth that Hogansville is expecting to have. He said he would like to see his opponents get some experience prior to becoming Mayor.

Stankiewicz also expressed his concerns regarding family ties within elected officials. He does not believe the city should have multiple elected officials from the same family.

“Over the years, I’ve had hundreds of hours of training plus, I have the experience. I’ve done the job as city manager so I know what the day to day operations are and now as Mayor,” said Stankiewicz.

Jake Ayers, a candidate and the brother of city council member Mark Ayers, will be running in the November election. Ayers has lived in Hogansville for five years and has been heavily involved with a lot of major developments in the area. He believes this is the right time to get involved in city leadership because of the momentum the city is seeing.

“One thing that I feel like our city really needs, if you hear a lot of frustrations expressed, is just the need for trust and transparency in the leadership of the community,” said Ayers.

He does not feel the city has been very solutions-focused and would like to change that. He also feels like Hogansville has been sitting on the back burner of Troup County for some time. He said he intends to be a forward-thinking leader who builds a relationship with the community, if elected.

“If you want to create growth, if you want to bring life into a community it’s about relationships. You have to have connections with people, you have to have resources to bring to the table,” said Ayers.

Ayers said if he is elected, he and his brother, Mark, would approach city decisions from different angles given their different backgrounds. He hopes they would see eye to eye on decisions but has no intention of working together on projects.

He thinks it is time to approach Hogansville with change, a fresh vision and new energy. He said he is very passionate about welcoming growth to Hogansville in a sustainable way. He does not want to give up the small town culture, just to have more people move to the area.

“I’m happy that people are wanting to get involved. I think Angela Price, George Bailey, as well as Bill, I think everybody has good intentions in wanting to be involved in leadership here,” said Ayers.

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