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LaGrange police reminding residents of rabies after dog dies

LAGRANGE, Ga. - LaGrange police are reminding residents about rabies safety.

A rabid raccoon attacked a family dog May 8 on Granger Drive in LaGrange. The dog did not survive.

LaGrange police urge citizens they need to beware and cautious when wild animals wander unnaturally in the close proximity to people and/or family pets.

If a wild animal is acting strangely, stay away from it.

Here are some warning signs according to the CDC, or Centers for Control and Prevention:

  • General sickness
  • Problems swallowing
  • Lots of drool or saliva
  • An animal that appears more tame than you would expect
  • An animal that bites at everything
  • An animal that’s having trouble moving or may even be paralyzed

Never feed or walk up to a wild animal and make sure you vaccinate your pet with the rabies vaccination.

If you see an animal that you believe may be infected with rabies, please contact LaGrange Animal Control (706) 298-3606.

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