UPDATE: 12/28/18

The Columbus Police have released the name of the driver who rammed the truck into the church. 

Police say 39-year-old Christopher Allen Moore has been arrested and charged with driving under the influence of methamphetamine. 

Moore’s recorder’s court hearing was set for Friday. He was assessed on bond.

ORIGINAL STORY with quotes 

A neighborhood is shaken after waking up to a shocking scene.

“We heard something go “bam, bam,” so we walked up and he said, “The truck hit the church over there.” So I rolled over there to see and I thought he was joking and sure enough it hit the church,” says Roy Witterington, Nearby Resident.

Columbus authorities were called to the corner of 2nd Ave and 5th Street at the Fourth Street Baptist Church. On the scene, officials found a driver and his commercial truck stuck under the church awning.

“It was too high and he was going kind of fast and it was just a collision,” says Gregory Jones, Nearby Resident.

A substance test was conducted at the scene and officials confirmed there was an illegal narcotic taken by the driver. Witnesses say they are stunned to see this happened because usually commercial vehicles would park in the back.

“I’m just glad everybody is alright and nobody got hurt because it was bad,” says Jones.

Neighbors tell me this church is like a second home to them and this incident is nothing but a huge devastation.

“I walk through here a lot, going back and forth to the bank or when they have some kind of service or something we come over,” says Joe Flint, Nearby resident.

Repair efforts are unclear at the moment, but the community believes this will not discourage any of its church members.

“Hopefully they will try to do it sooner because that’s where they have the funeral services at when they are unloading the casket,” says Flint.

The name of the driver has not been released yet and the charges he may be facing. Stay with News 3 for updates on this story.


A driver for The Four Seasons Lawn Care Company was taken into custody today after his truck rammed into a church, damaging the awning.

It happened at Fourth Street Missionary Baptist Church on the corner of Second Avenue and 5th Street in the Historic District.

A representative from the Georgia Department of Public Safety’s Motor Carrier Compliance Division was on the scene. The official says the driver was tested for an illegal narcotic and the field test confirmed it was methamphetamine.

The Motor Carrier Compliance Division says the driver misjudged the height of the church awning, which led to the damage.

There’s also no word yet on when rebuilding efforts will begin. News 3 will continue to keep you updated as this story continues to develop.