Leadership Institute at CSU hosts bystander intervention

Local News

Nearly 100 people attended a Disruptive Leadership series surrounding bystander intervention.

“We actually had to turn off registration last night because we had so many people still signing up to come today,” said Shana Young, Director of the Leadership Institute. 

Those who came out heard speakers on how to take the right approach if there is a problem in the workplace.

“We want to encourage people to do is to take action and to speak up when it’s a simpler problem that can be dealt with more effectively,” said Kelly Baez, Consultant of the Leadership Institute. 

Groups were formed where people shared life stories of being in an uncomfortable situation.

“I think it’s going to allow us to engage in really meaningful conversations around bystander intervention from all different aspects in our community,” said Young.

Experts say the interactive session was highly needed. 

“We invite people to have these awkward conversations that can really be change makers that’s what the Disruptive Leadership Series is all about.

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