LEE COUNTY TORNADO: Inside the center of this storm and track

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Sunday's March 3, 2019 deadly tornado

Lee County was struck by TWO tornadoes Sunday afternoon paralleling one another. The first was the much stronger tornado taking 23 precious lives with it. Recovery efforts continue today. #LeeCountyStrong #LeeCountyTornado

Here’s the best analysis track from Alabama-Georgia: Started near Society Hill-Beauregard/Smiths-Columbus (N.West)-Fortson-Ellerslie-Talbotton track.

This track is 68.8 miles in length and the tornado was on the ground for 76 minutes, with its widest point at nearly a mile.

Veering winds began as the air ascended or lifted rapidly across Lee County, Alabama.

The wind direction and boundary lifted when the wind speed changed rapidly as it lifted higher into the atmosphere, which came along the warm front.

This is text book with a strong cold front with a dramatic change of readings or two different type of air masses.

The winds aloft were accompanied with high humidity at 60° to 65° dew points, which were much higher in the warm sector (warm front) intersecting with 40°-45° dew points just north of this boundary (across Lee County) that created the track and exceptional lift as it moved north and east before crossing the Georgia state line.

Think of these two clashing air masses as one being a dense mountain or wall and one light and fluid. The cooler less humid wall or mountain and the more humid air lighter lifted as it slammed into this denser wall or mountain, figuratively speaking.

When this happened the more humid air south of the front lifted rapidly and cooled, then it became a towering supercell as the winds aloft added more instability.

The Squall line then added the forward momentum and these tornadoes tracked along the line. Hence the path we saw on Sunday.

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