AUBURN, Ala. (WRBL) — A 29-year-old Opelika man is being held without bond after he tried to rape someone in downtown Auburn, according to a report from the Auburn Police Department.

On Saturday, Aug. 12, Rusbi Areal Chilel-Perez was arrested on warrants of first-degree kidnapping and first-degree attempted rape.

Leading up to Chilel-Perez’s arrest, officers met with a woman who reported being assaulted during the early hours of Saturday.

The woman told officers an unknown man tried to talk to her in downtown Auburn. Eventually, the man abducted her to a nearby secluded area.

She went on to say the man began trying to force her to have sex. She resisted and managed to escape, then called Auburn police officers who were on foot downtown.

Chilel-Perez was later determined to be a suspect. He was found driving a vehicle in the area.

Officers say they tried to pull Chilel-Perez over and he sped off. Chilel-Perez then crashed his vehicle into light poles at multiple intersections, ultimately totaling it at the intersection of North Dean Road and Opelika Road.

Chilel-Perez ran away then was later arrested by officers in the 1000 block of Opelika Road. In addition to first-degree kidnapping and first-degree attempted rape, Chilel-Perez was charged with driving under the influence, public intoxication and attempting to elude.

Chilel-Perez was taken to Lee County Jail where he’s being held without bond at this time.