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Tenants of a Columbus apartment complex are in the dark Sunday night as they say they have been without power since Friday, February 16.

The residents of Colonial Apartment tell News Three they’ve slept with doors open for three nights now for some sort of cooling relief, and their power isn’t expected to come back on until Monday, February 19.

The residents say their power shut off around 1:00 p.m. Friday, leaving them without lights, heat and air conditioning, and hot water.

“Nothing on. Right now, to keep cool, we have to sleep in the floor,” says Kelvin Cochran, one resident from Colonial Apartments.

They say they contacted Georgia Power, and their landlord, Turman Realty.

A representative from Georgia Power tells News Three, they came out to the apartment complex Friday afternoon to check the equipment and restore the power, but say they were unable to do so because of a technical issue at the complex. This representative made it very clear, everything was working fine on Georgia Power’s end.

“They say it’s a Turman problem,” Cochran says, “and it’s his problem to fix it.”

The tenants say they then learned their landlord was waiting until Monday to bring in an electrician, and they would be spending the weekend without power.

“Well, then they said the power wouldn’t be back on until Monday, and I said ‘Monday!What am I supposed to do about all my food and stuff?’ She said, ‘You’ll have to buy ice or whatever,’ and I said, ‘Well what am I supposed to do about somewhere to stay?’ Nobody answer,” says Warren Youmans.

The residents say they’ve watched their groceries go to waste, and if they want a hot meal, they have to cook it outside.

They say Turman Realty has put little effort into restoring their comfort, and this situation has them feeling like they just don’t matter.

“They don’t give a — about us, and it shouldn’t be that way, you know. You want my money every month, do what I ask when I call and request for you fix something. I mean we’re treated like, you know, they just don’t care,” says Youmans.

The residents also say they’re uncertain if the power will be restored Monday since it’s a holiday.

News Three reached out to Turman Realty for a response, and it appears representatives are unavailable after business hours. We were unable to find an after-hours number.

Residents tell News Three there is not an after-hours number. They say to submit maintenance requests, they leave their information and a description of the problem, then say it can take a day to several days to receive a response.

Stay with News Three for updates to this story.

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