COLUMBUS, Ga. (WRBL) – Small business owners all from over the Chattahoochee Valley started small business Saturday bright and early on Broadway to prepare for consumers kicking off their holiday shopping, local.

Small businesses were hit hard throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. The associated press says online sales rose 47%, and are expected to continue to be a large portion of retail sales. 

So this year more than ever small businesses are relying on consumers, to boost their revenue this holiday season.

Uptown Exclusives, owner, Brooke Wesley and store manager, Casey Yontz, tell News 3 that their loyal customers are what kept them in business throughout the COVID-19 pandemic.

Market Days in Uptown is the cities way of showcasing small businesses throughout the fall. With local vendors like, ‘It’s Tamale Time’ lining Broadway, the community is exposed to local shops, restaurants, artists and more.

Nov. 27 marks the last market days in uptown.