Local Church offers a helping hand to federal workers impacted by the government shutdown

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Calvary Baptist Church came together Sunday morning to give just a little something more to their neighbors in need. 
 Lead pastor Jeff Struecker says as a church he wanted to invite his congregation to respond to those struggling through the government shutdown.

“What we did today was pick up a second offering a benevolence offering and 100 percent of that offering will go to people in our church or people in the community that are directly impacted by the government shutdown,” Strueker said. 

Strueker says his church has been studying the Book of Acts which says to help those in the community who are suffering.

“In Acts Chapter two verse 55 it says the church came together and those that had a little bit more helped those that were in need,” Strueker said. 

Calvary Baptist Church did a benevolence offering in their 8:30 a.m. service and their 11 a.m. service. 
Tom Stryker is a member of the church and says he donated during the early morning service.

“The lord tells us we’re suppose to care for one another and that includes the welfare of one another and if someone has a need we’re suppose to meet it. We don’t want the government to be the only place you need to go to have a need met. We think family is where you go and church is our family,” Stryker said.

Strueker says the Chattahoochee Valley’s largest source of employment is the federal government — leaving the community without answers. 

“If you didn’t have a paycheck for the last three or four weeks it hurts really bad and you’re family may not know where they’re gonna get their groceries this week that’s why we did this second offering, a benevolence offering,” Strueker said. 

This is the 30th day of the government shutdown.

Calvary Baptist \Church will be accepting the additional donations until Wednesday. Click here to donate.

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