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COLUMBUS, Ga. (WRBL) – A local business owner has managed to keep her doors open throughout the pandemic, but she’s struggling to keep her shelves stocked with products.

Tiffany Clark opened Power of Touch Beauty Bar five years ago, and she specializes in facials, body wax, lashes application, and more. When the pandemic began last year it had a major effect on her day spa, mainly affecting the way she got her waxing supplies.

“A lot of the companies I would order my supplies from, especially waxing companies, it was a delay in shipping everything was out of stock. They were slow at manufacturing the waxing, so it hit pretty hard, but from the pandemic, I learned to order my products in bulk,” Clark said.

Clark told News 3, she found a mini solution to her huge problem.

“Recently I started ordering from other small businesses and companies that make their own wax, their tweezers, supplies like that. Only because it’s faster to get to me versus the major retail stores,” Clark said.

Clark said she still orders her waxing production from larger companies, but it will take months for the product to arrive.

“I put in my order no problem, they send me the confirmation but it takes months for me to get my wax, and being a day spa that does waxing, I kind of need that on hand at all times,” Clark said.

Not only is Clark having an issue with getting her wax products, but she’s also seeing a delay in receiving her skincare products.

“Right now I have a long list of people that want to buy retail skincare but because it’s a delay in shipping, most of those things are out of stock and I am having to put those people on a waitlist. I’m having to advise them of other products in the meantime until I get what I need for them,” Clark said.

With the holidays around the corner, Clark said that’s when she gets an influx of clients.

“Believe it or not they want to relax during the hustle and bustle like they spend Black Friday out shopping or even like a week before Christmas. So they want a time to relax so I get a lot of people from that, I get a lot of people buying gift cards to give to their loved ones. So I do have an influx of clients during the holidays,” Clark said.

Clark said her business relies on the increase of holidays clients towards the end of the year.

“I would say so because around this time it’s where it’s pretty much do or die if I’m going to make my goal for the end of the year. This time of year kind of makes up for the slower months, so defiantly I would say my business relies on this time of year,” Clark said.

Clarks said she’s nervous to know if she’ll have enough product for the increase in holiday clients.

“Right now I’m like emailing my skincare company to figure out when they’re going to get certain products. Because my clients have fallen in love with what I carry and they want nothing else other than what I carry. I’m emailing I’m calling just to keep up on the products, so I’m a little worried, hopefully, they’ll come in but will see,” Clark said.

Even though Clark is facing some difficulties, she’s still grateful her business has managed to keep its doors open.

“I feel blessed, I feel honored that people are trusting me even after the pandemic because I know a lot of businesses closed because people weren’t comfortable coming in after the pandemic. But my clients, they are comfortable, they love me and I just feel blessed that my business is still thriving even in the pandemic and it’s all because of them,” Clark said.

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