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Local health officials urge everyone to get flu vaccination

COLUMBUS, Ga (WRBL) - Unfortunately, gifts won't be the only thing exchanged this holiday season. Right now, we are in the middle of Influenza season. 

On top of that, National Flu Week is this week and locally, health officials are using it as an important reminder about steps you can take to try and reduce your chances of catching the flu.

National Flu Vaccination Week brings awareness to the flu shot and it's primary goal is to help prevent the flu.

 According to the Center of Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), last's year flu season was the worse on record. The CDC says 185 children died and thousands more were hospitalized as a result of the virus. 
80 percent of kid who died last year were not vaccinated.

Public health officials say they are hoping more people get their flu vaccinations because the flu season has already started in our area. 

Beyond the vaccine, there are steps we can all take to try and reduce our chances of catching the flu.  
For one, avoid people who are sick, if you can.

If you know someone is sick, do you best to keep your distance. Also, cover mouth when you cough or sneeze. That way, if you have the virus, you can prevent spreading it.

Wash your hands frequently. We pick up germs easily by touching so many common objects such as door knobs and shopping carts.

Finally, disinfect common surfaces in your home or office--such as kitchen and bathroom counters and desks. 

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